CH Privée

Inspired by the timeless elegance and luxurious sensuality of the Carolina Herrera woman, CH Privée embodies the moments of shared privacy. CH Privée exudes sophistication in what is a mysterious and intimate fragrance.

For : Her
When : Night
Type : Sensual, Elegant & Feminine
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Celebrating Private moments

There’s nothing more sensual and feminine than a little privacy, those brief but profound moments a woman spends with herself, with her thoughts, before going out into the world. Combined with leather, the color red brings a perfect balance of empowerment and intimacy to the fragrance.

Uniquely sensual and delicate

CH Privée combines floral notes with sensual shades of aromatic leather to create a truly intimate yet avant-garde fragrance. Intelligently constructed by Master Perfumer Dominique Ropion, CH Privée highlights the duality between luxury and sensuality. Fruit and flower notes a set opposite a strong leathery facet at the heart of the scent while the spicy yet fresh pink pepper oil Illuminates the head of the perfume.

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The epitome of femininity

CH Privée is inspired by a very feminine woman; elegant yet powerful, bold yet timeless. Bright and alluring with a sense of ease, she’s a woman you discover with time, not somebody that gives everything away at once.

Photography: Mario Testino
Starring: Lily Aldridge & Justin Joslin

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