CH Men

The life of the CH man is like a long journey, full of encounters and emotions. A journey with a destination but no fixed duration, a journey with new sensations, new faces and new discoveries. For the CH man, the journey itself is the most important experience reflected in this leathery woody, adventurous scent.

For : Him
When : Day
Type : Fresh & Elegant
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The Noble Journey

The CH Men fragrance is a summary of all the journeys he had made. It is his olfactory memory; timeless, it has a unique personality. A new contemporary masculinity, the fragrance captures quintessence of elegance, the ability to adapt to diverse situations with an air of spontaneity.

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Nonchalant Character

A sensorial journey in itself, the warmth and masculinity of wood and the addictive but smooth touch of leather merge with a hint of saffron to give a new dimension of sophistication.

Grass and Violet flowers
Saffron and Nutmeg
Savoir faire, passion and style
Vetiver roots, Jasmine Sambac, Sandalwood, Vanilla, Cashmere and Suede
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Contemporary elegance

The CH man reflects truth and passion; a dreamer who works hard to turn his dreams into realities. He appreciates the good things of life, without losing his sense of humour.

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Distilled essence of memories
CH Privée
The intimacy of shared privacy

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